Top 10 Types of Water Snakes in US

Brazos Water Snake: is often called the Harter’s water snake. This snake lives in the Brazos River system in Texas.These snakes seek shelter in rocks along the river.This snake can be long as 2.5 ft.

Yellow-Bellied Water Snake:The plain-belly water snake, more commonly known as the yellow-bellied water snake, grows up to 4 feet in length. These snakes do indeed have a yellow belly.

Brown Water Snake: live in the southeastern United States, particularly in areas around Georgia and South Carolina. 

Diamondback Water Snake:These snakes tend to like steep and bare shorelines. Abstractly, the markings on their back are kind of like diamonds, which is where the snake got its name.

Green Water Snake:This water snake, when compared to the others on this list, spends more time basking in the sun than average. These snakes tend to like steep and bare shorelines.

Saltmarsh Water Snake: have an average length of 3 feet. Three subspecies of this snake exist. They have stripes down the length of their body but some don’t have stripes at all.

Florida Green Water Snake: They have a speckled pattern to them, but nothing too pronounced. These snakes have a smaller range in just Florida; they’re not in the whole state.

Northern Water Snake:are known as common water snakes and are found in the eastern and central United States but are most abundant in the northeastern United States.

Banded Water Snake: live from Alabama to North Carolina in the United States. They also live in Arizona, Georgia, Texas, and Florida.

Concho Water Snake:This snake lives in the river systems of the Colorado and Concho of Texas. They grow to be about 2.5 feet in length, and they have blotches down their bodies in rows. 

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