Top 10 Types Of White Daffodils 

Ice Follies’ Daffodil:‘Ice Follies’ plants grow 1-2 feet tall, with flowers extending up to 4 inches across. And, as a large-cupped daffodil, each of this plant’s stems produces one large-cupped bloom.

Ice Wings’ Daffodil:The ‘Ice Wings’ daffodil is a triandrus variety with reflexed petals on flowers that tip downward. This type of white daffodil produces 2-3 flowers per stem, with pearl-colored petals and cups.

‘Passionale’ Daffodil:This classic garden daffodil reaches a height of 12-24 inches and blooms in mid-spring. In addition, it’s a sweet-smelling beauty.

Ice King’ Daffodil:‘Ice King’ is a type of white daffodil with double the petals and a fluffy carnation-like shape. However, though ‘Ice King’ petals end their season in creamy white, they begin the season in sunny-yellow hues.

‘Pueblo’ Daffodil:The ‘Pueblo’ is a jonquilla (aka, jonquil) daffodil with 3-inch blooms and typically 1-3 flowers per stem. As with most jonquils, ‘Pueblo’ blooms are tipped downward. 

‘White Lion’ Daffodil:‘White Lion’ daffodils grow 1-2 feet tall, with blooms ranging from 2-4 inches wide. In addition, these fragrant white daffodils earned the Royal Horticultural Society’s celebrated Award of Garden Merit.

‘Snowball’ Daffodil:The ‘Snowball’ daffodil brings late spring interest to the garden, so plant it alongside your early blooming daffs (daffodils) for continuous color.

Thalia’ Daffodil:‘Thalia’ produces at least two pendant flowers per stem, all with reflexed petals. In addition, ‘Thalia’ is a vigorous plant that grows between 1-2 feet tall.

‘Silver Chimes’ Daffodil:‘Silver White’ daffodils are silvery-white, but their cups are yellow. This perennial daffodil grows 1-2 feet tall with blooms that reach 1-2 inches across.

‘Mount Hood’ Daffodil:These beautiful white daffodils grow 12-24 inches tall, with flowers that extend about 4 inches across. In addition, they’re easy to naturalize, and their blooms are long-lasting.

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