top 10 ugliest animals

Bedlington Terriers:It’s tough to find an ugly dog breed, but Bedlington Terriers fit the bill. The mid-sized canines are loyal and love to frolic, but they don’t rank high on looks. 

Aye-Aye:Beauty, they say, is in the eye of the beholder. And undoubtedly, some people “ooh and aww” over aye-ayes. But to us, the tiny primates look like unfortunate gremlins.

Monkfish:have large, flat heads, wide mouths, and comparatively little bodies. Their eyes are small and beady, and individuals exude a generally slimy vibe that’s less than attractive.

Hyena: are scraggly carnivores with a distinct bark that heightens their creepiness. Hyenas are notoriously rag-tag, and their patchy hair adds to their disheveled aura.

Vultures:The whole vulture package is unpleasant. Not only do the large birds spend their days picking over rotting meat, but they smell, and their faces seem to exude evil.

Naked Mole-Rat:are blind rodents that live in underground colonies. But their names are a misnomer because the subterranean dwellers are neither moles nor rats.

Fruit Flies:To the naked eye, fruit flies are just faceless, swarming dots. But underneath the microscope, their displeasing visages are amplified. 

Blobfish: define what humans consider ugly. The deep-sea fish live around the Antipodes, and scientists first classified them in 1926.

Matamata Turtle:But as is the case with so many ugly animals, the matamata’s off-putting exterior makes it one of the most vicious predators in its habitat.

Warthog:Sure, their odd-shaped heads and large snouts aren’t exactly attractive. However, what lands warthogs on our ugliest animals list is the fleshy “warts” that cover their bodies.

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