top 10 ugliest snakes

Tentacled Snake:does not have 8 tentacles like an octopus but it does have two tentacle-like appendages that extend off the front of its snout. 

Desert Horned Viper: is a smaller snake, not more than 2 feet long, but they have two horns on their head, one over each eye. 

Rhinoceros Viper:Whoa, there is a lot going on with this snake! With the name rhinoceros, we must assume this is another horned snake but the horns are not the first thing you notice with this snake.

 Eastern hog-nose:The turned-up nose of the Eastern hog-nose snake is only one of the features that make this one of the ugliest snakes in the world.

Nose-Horned Viper:While the desert horned viper has two horns, the nose-horned viper only has one, on the end of its nose. 

Malagasy Leaf-Nosed Snake:One look at this snake and you might do a double-take. Is that real or photoshopped? But leaf-nosed snakes are real and they have a very unique look.

Elephant Trunk Snake:One of the ugliest snakes in the world is for sure the elephant trunk snake.These baggy-looking snakes look too big for their skin.They look like a long elephant trunk with eyes.

Gaboon Viper:may want to look into Invisaline or an orthodontist with fangs that are nearly two inches long they look a little odd. They have the longest fangs of any venomous snake .

Blind Worm Snake: is actually a snake but is tiny, a little bigger than an earthworm. Most are around 6-12 inches long although some species get to be longer.

Burmese Python:The sheer size of the Burmese python lands them on this list. Burmese pythons can get to be 23 feet long, imagine one the length of your living room!

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