Top 10 Varieties of Coleus

Black Dragon:This variety is captivating and will make a great addition to your home. It can be grown in the ground or adapted to a pot as long as it has a well-drained, moist substrate.

Mighty Mosaic:is a candidate to take center stage in your garden, although you can plant it indoors in a pot without any problems. Its leaves have vibrant patterns combining green, yellow, and red.

Lime Delight: is a vigorous, mound-growing cultivar with shiny, heart-shaped, light green to golden leaves. It can grow indoors or outdoors, and given its characteristic vibrant color.

Giant Exhibition Rustic Red: This variety requires well-fertilized and moist soil, thriving in soil or a pot in a bright environment. Its leaves are large and rusty red with thin yellow edges. 

Chocolate Covered Cherry:This is a classic coleus variety that thrives in soil and pots, preferring a moist substrate. Its leaves are heart-shaped with serrated edges. 

Henna:This variety has pointed, serrated leaves with a pale green heart, pink edges, and a dark pink underside. This plant tolerates heat and requires little maintenance, although fertilizing.

Wizard Jade: requires little maintenance and tends to grow upright rather than bushy. Its leaves are medium-sized and oval, with a pointed green edge and a very light yellow.

Wizard Velvet Red: is an ideal variety to add a colorful splash to your garden or home interior. Its leaves are bright red, medium-sized, with thin, pointed green edges.

Premium Sun Crimson Gold: This sturdy variety grows vertically, producing crimson-hearted foliage and golden edges, hence the name. The proportion and intensity of the colors will depend.

Wizard Rose: is a prevalent variety in gardens worldwide. This cultivar is moderate-sized, grows upright, and is a late bloomer. Its leaves are medium-sized, with a bright pink heart.