Top 10 waterfalls in arkansas

Little Missouri Falls: is a small waterfall, the view is breathtaking. These falls are located in the Ouachita National Forest, where there is a campground with picnic tables and other activities.

Cedar Falls:This breathtaking waterfall is located in Petit Jean State Park, one of Arkansas most beautiful state parks. At 95 feet tall this waterfall in Arkansas cascades directly into Cedar Creek.

Eden Falls:Buffalo National River Park is home to Eden Falls, a beautiful multi-tiered waterfall. At about 40 feet in height, Eden Falls features a waterfall that cascades into a canyon. 

Richland Falls:is one of three waterfalls that inhabit the Richland Creek Wilderness Area. Despite being small, averaging about eight feet in height, this waterfall compensates greatly in width.

Bridal Veil Falls: is considered a hidden gem by many Arkansans. The wooden deck overlooking the falls can be reached after a short hike. 

Falls Creek Falls: in Lake Catherine State Park is ten feet high. Compared with other waterfalls, this one’s water is among the bluest and, depending on the weather, can even appear clear.

Falling Water Falls: making it one of Arkansas’ most special waterfalls. A scenic view of this waterfall can be seen from inside a car. During the summer, a large clean, and crisp pool of water.

Hemmed-In Hollow Falls:which has a drop of 209 feet. The heavy rains and snowmelt result in larger volumes of water cascading off the mountains during late winter or early spring.

Mirror Lake Falls:The trail that leads to the Mirror Lake Falls is located in Blanchard Springs Recreational Area and is less than two miles long. 

Pam’s Grotto Falls:The almost 40-foot-high Pam’s Grotto Falls can be found in Haw Creek Recreational Area. Hiking to the waterfall is a half-mile trail across from the Haw Creek Campground. 

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