Top 10 waterfalls in connecticut

Blackledge Falls :get their name from the ledge from where they drop. After the water drops onto the ledge, it looks very dark, almost black. 

Yantic Falls:This waterfall in Connecticut stands at a breathtaking 40 ft.When the weather changes and it rains Yantic Falls dramatically expand in size making it a popular attraction all year round.

Kent Falls:Tourists and locals alike love this waterfall in Connecticut. A 250 ft cascade makes it easy to see why people come from across the country. Located in Kent Falls State Park.

Buttermilk Falls:The Mattatuck Trail leads to Buttermilk Falls. With a 55-foot drop, this waterfall plunges into a small pool below, surrounded by wildflowers and mossy rocks.

Chapman Falls:The 60-foot Chapman Falls is just a short walk from the parking lot. It’s a short hike and once you get there, you’ll see plenty of open space, which is perfect for a picnic.

Campbell Falls: is located in Campbell Falls State Park. This waterfall in Connecticut features a 50 ft drop that flows into a plunge pool. 

Roaring Brook Falls: is an 80 ft single-drop waterfall in Connecticut. Originally intended for development, the Roaring Brook Falls was saved by the Cheshire Land Trust in the 1970s. 

Enders Falls:There are 5 waterfalls in Enders State Forest, a 2000-acre state forest. Every single waterfall here is different and worth visiting. 

Great Falls:is part of Falls Village, a quaint village known for its lush natural surroundings. There’s no better way to describe this 50 ft waterfall than as a sight to behold.

Burr Falls: there’s a gorgeous waterfall called Burr Falls. With a drop of 45 feet, this waterfall features a slow and gentle drop down the rocks. 

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