Top 10 waterfalls in illinois

French Canyon Falls: is very close to the Starved Rock State Park visitor center. In terms of distance, the hike to the falls is less than a mile, which makes it relatively easy.

Rocky Glen Waterfall:During the summer visitors to Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve can enjoy 11 miles of perfect hiking and cycling trails.There are over 2000 acres of forest and hills .

Burden Falls:waterfall in Illinois has a total drop of 100 ft with a single descent of 20 ft. As Burden Falls can tend to dry up at the peak of summer it is best to visit during the rainy season.

Apple Canyon Lake Falls:There are almost 2000 acres of land in Apple River Canyon State Park where visitors can go hiking and fishing. As you explore the park you can see streams ravines and springs.

Thunder Bay Falls: is easily accessible and only takes about 10 minutes by foot. The next time you’re in Galena, take a quick trip to the area and check it out.

Wildcat Canyon Falls:A must-see attraction at Starved Rock State Park is Wildcat Canyon Falls. You can directly access this 80 ft cascade off the canyon after hiking 2 miles from the visitor center.

Ferne Clyffe Falls:offers backpacking opportunities, hiking trails, and even fishing in Ferne Lake. While traversing the trails, you’ll find yourself surrounded by bright green woods and impressive.

Jackson Falls:in Shawnee National Forest is a popular destination. In addition to hiking and horse trails, this park offers rock climbing among its boulders. 

Cascade Falls: is a beautiful waterfall in Illinois. The falls, which have a 45-foot drop, is inside a canyon that has been carved out over the years. 

Lake Falls:plunges 45 feet into a canyon below. Lake Falls is one of the uppermost waterfalls in the Dell Region, located in Matthiessen State Park.

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