Top 10 waterfalls in kansas

The Alcove Spring Waterfall:feature ice glaciers and a waterfall. Near this charming waterfall and spring are the legendary fords where Kansas’ founding fathers drove their wagons in search of water.

Idlewild Falls:is part of a series of two waterfalls that span around 60 feet apart. Each waterfall has a drop of about 10-12 feet. The waterfall is actually an overflow from Lake Idlewild.

Bourbon Falls: is a result of the scenic Bourbon County State Lake. Overflow from Bourbon County State Lake is what created this 30-foot waterfall. 

Elk Falls Waterfalls:Kansas, with a population of fewer than 200 people, promotes itself as the World’s Largest Living Ghost Town. The town takes its name from the Falls, as it is known locally.

Cowley Lake Waterfall:is a spectacular 25-foot waterfall with rapids and crashing waves. Towards the bottom of the falls is an ideal spot for exploring and walking through the stream of water.

Chautauqua Falls: is Chautauqua Falls, a 20-foot waterfall. Chautauqua Falls, one of the many waterfalls in Kansas, is an amazing sight. You’ll find it at Sedan City Lakes, which is a city park.

Prather Creek Falls:This waterfall is a sight to behold and will have you questioning if you are really in Kansas. Located on the spillway from Chase State Fishing Lake.

Butcher Falls: is found at Red Buffalo Ranch in Sedan. Butcher Falls cascades about 15 feet between rocks beautifully and uniquely. The falls are located on the Red Buffalo Ranch.

Geary Lake Falls:located south of Junction City, is another beautiful waterfall in Kansas. Due to the overflow of Geary State Fishing Lake, this waterfall only appears during rainy seasons.

Santa Fe Lake Falls: is a small man-made waterfall located in Edgerton city, south of Sunflower Road. Despite the fact that it is not as high as some other renowned Kansas waterfalls.

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