Top 10 waterfalls in maryland

Round Falls:is a 10 ft tall manmade wonder that creates a large semi-circle. The falls can be seen from a large viewing platform. People and cyclists both flock to this small getaway from the city.

Cascade Falls:The surrounding landscape is forest and rocky terrain. Upon reaching the end of the trail, you will come across Cascade Falls. With its height of only 9 feet.

Muddy Creek Falls:An impressive 54-foot waterfall, Muddy Creek Falls is surrounded by tall hemlocks and mossy green woods. There’s a little over a mile of trail to the falls, but the entire hike.

Great Falls: is a waterfall in Maryland that is located along the Potomac River. A 75-foot drop cascades wonderfully over a number of rock formations, and it is quite powerful.

Swallow Falls:Despite being one of the smaller waterfalls in Swallow Falls State Park, this one holds the name of the park due to the swallows that once nestled here. 

Tolliver Falls:is located in Swallow Falls State Park. Located within the same state park as Muddy Creek Falls, this waterfall is also an excellent sight to see, although not as large. 

Cunningham Falls:which drops 78 feet, is one of its most popular waterfalls. There are two main trails leading to the falls as well as a parking lot from which one can see the lower falls.

Raven Rock Falls:in Gunpowder Falls State Park, a park covering over 17,000 acres. Embraced by lush forests, the hike along the Big Gunpowder River is long. 

Gilpin’s Falls:A covered bridge is the main access point to Gilpin’s Falls, which happens to be one of six remaining covered bridges in Maryland. 

Kilgore Falls:You’ll have to hike a short distance to get to Kilgore Falls. There can be a lot of people on this trail on the weekends, especially during the summer. 

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