top 10 waterfalls in missouri

Meramec Falls:The main attraction of Meramec State Park is a stunning waterfall, making it one of the most beautiful places in Missouri. 

Hodgson Mill Waterfall:From Missouri Highway 181, you can easily reach Hodgson Mill Waterfall, which provides an excellent photo opportunity. 

Waterfall Park:Manmade waterfalls are located at Waterfall Park in Independence, Missouri. Boulders were used to build the river feature, which is almost 10 feet high. 

Big Piney Falls:The cascade at Big Piney Falls is part of the Piney Falls State Natural Area. There are upper and lower falls at Piney Falls, but the cascade is rather short. 

Mina Sauk Falls:Taum Sauk Mountain State Park‘s three-mile-long Mina Sauk Falls Loop is a popular trail in Missouri. There are a number of breathtaking views to take in on the three-mile trail.

Rocky Waterfall:Located in the Ozarks, this waterfall is a popular tourist destination and an important state treasure. A number of interesting geological structures can also be found in this area. 

Cotton Rocks Fall: is located near Branson, Missouri. It’s a fascinating town where visitors can enjoy the outdoors or get away from it all by hiking the 2.3-mile Roark Valley Road route through it. 

Grand Falls:This waterfall in Missouri, located just south of Joplin on Shoal Creek, is truly breathtaking! The falls are located along Shoal Creek. 

Hickory Canyons:Located in Hickory Canyons Natural Area, this waterfall cascades 40 feet from a steep box canyon. You can enjoy its beauty at any time of year. 

City Garden Falls:First up on the list is a more urban option; City Garden Falls. City Garden Falls is a man-made waterfall in St. Louis, Missouri. It is part of the sculpture park located downtown.

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