Top 10 Waterfalls in Oregon

Salt Creek Falls:cascades 286 feet into a large, clear basin with a powerful single drop. From the parking lot, one can easily access the falls by hiking a short distance.

Punch Bowl Falls:cascades its water into a large round, punched-out pool. This is where it gets its way. There are trails to it on Eagle Creek, about 2 miles away from the falls. 

Watson Falls:is one of the largest waterfalls in Oregon. At a height of 272 feet, this waterfall contains a spectacular plunge that is well worth the half-mile hike. 

Tamanawas Falls: is a beautiful 150ft waterfall in Mount Hood National Forest. You have to hike about a mile and a half to reach it, but it is well worth it because you can walk through cedar.

South Falls:Park consists of 10 falls, including South Falls. The path is sometimes called the “Trail of Ten Falls” since it is a seven-mile-long walk where you can explore each of the waterfalls. 

White River Falls: is a 90ft tall waterfall that cascades into an icy pool of blue water. A very popular swimming destination during the summer, it also offers a variety of other activities.

Multnomah Falls:With a height of 620 feet, it is no wonder this waterfall in Oregon is an absolute favorite. During the winter and spring, the falls reach their highest volume in water.

Latourell Falls:This waterfall in Oregon has a single plunge of over 220 feet! To reach the first viewing station, hikers will have to hike 2.5 miles. 

Tumalo Falls: making it one of Oregon’s most beautiful scenic views. With a drop of 100 feet, the waterfall splashes down into a crystal clear pool of water filled with logs.

Toketee Falls:There is a waterfall called Toketee Falls located less than three miles from Watson falls, a waterfall in Oregon previously mentioned. The beauty of this waterfall cannot be overstated.

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