Top 10 waterfalls in pennsylvania

Bushkill Falls :The mountains in the northeastern part of the state offer some terrific hiking opportunities, and the waterfalls only add to the beauty of it all.

Cucumber Falls : is a top waterfall in Pennsylvania. Not only does the water cascade over a 30-foot drop, but it is also very accessible for most people. 

Fulmer Falls: is the second waterfall in George W. Childs Recreation Area. It is the tallest, standing at 56 feet. Fulmer Falls is easily accessible through a boardwalk.

Ganoga Falls:A 7.2-mile hike in Ricketts Glen State Park takes you to not one, but 22 waterfalls along Kitchen Creek. The smallest stands nine feet tall and the tallest, Ganoga, is 94 feet tall.

Dingmans Falls:situated in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, is described as the second tallest waterfall in Pennsylvania. This 130-foot waterfall is beautiful.

Quakertown Falls : in Lawrence County, north of Pittsburgh, less than a mile from Ohio. A tiny community near Falling Spring Run used to call this Quakertown because it was settled by Quakers.

Buttermilk Falls : Don’t be fooled by the fact that Buttermilk Falls shares its name with at least ten other waterfalls in Pennsylvania as this is a one-of-a-kind waterfall. 

Raymondskill Falls:With a height of 178 feet this waterfall is the tallest waterfall in Pennsylvania. The waterfall is in northeastern Pennsylvania in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.

Dry Run Falls: located in Sullivan County’s Loyalsock State Forest, has to be one of the nicest waterfalls in Pennsylvania. 

Dutchman Falls: is an impressive two-tiered waterfall along the Loyalsock Trail. Even though you can hear the waterfall from the trail, you can’t see it, so you’ll have to go off-trail.

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