Top 10 waterfalls in vermont

Lye Brook Falls:Lye Brook Falls, located in the Green Mountain National Forest in Manchester, is one of Vermont’s most impressive waterfalls at 125 feet.

Bartlett Falls:Bartlett Falls, sometimes known as Bristol Falls, is another beautiful waterfall in Vermont that is also a great swimming area. With a height of roughly 15 feet.

Hamilton Falls:A 125-foot-long waterfall, Hamilton Falls has several horsetails and slides. In spring, it is especially beautiful, but in the summertime, it also makes for a great spot for picnics.

Buttermilk Falls:A must-see waterfall in Vermont is Buttermilk Falls, located in the Okemo State Forest in Ludlow. It takes less than a mile to walk to this natural wonder surrounded by woodland.

Falls of Lana:What if you could embark on a simple hike that led to something spectacular? Salisbury’s Falls of Lana route is one of the best forest hikes in the state. 

Moss Glen Falls:Granville has a beautiful horsetail waterfall called Moss Glen Falls, with streams flowing down an angled granite wall. 

Big Falls: is a worthwhile stop if you’re in northern Vermont. After all, this is one waterfall that you won’t soon forget. Big Falls was named for a reason, with a total drop of 40 feet. 

Bingham Falls:When you’re looking for a truly beautiful setting, take a trip to Bingham Falls. Many people are familiar with Bingham Falls because of its vast pools and gorges. 

Texas Falls:The image of Texas Falls has appeared on numerous Vermont postcards and portraits over the years. The waterfall is actually one of the most photographed in Vermont.

McLaughlin Falls:This is one of Vermont’s more understated waterfalls. Seeing the falls requires a trek a little distance off the main road. Each drop is 15 feet high and 30 feet tall.

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