Top 10 Ways to Decorate Your Home Gym

Not Your Ordinary Playground: Creating a gym with the kids in mind is a great way to start them exercising early.

Gymnastics at Home: Got the gymnastics bug? If so, consider designing your home gym around this popular sport. First, it's important to invest.

Keep It Simple With Free Weights: Building a gym around free weights is easy and inexpensive.

Climbing into Shape: In-home climbing walls are the latest rage in over-the-top home gyms. If your gym has the space, dedicate an entire custom.

Dance Your Butt Off: A studio with hardwood floors and mirrors is ideal for those who love to dance.

Float Like a Butterfly: Kickboxing is an ultimate cardio workout.

The Great Outdoors: Your home gym should be designed around what inspires you. For a true nature buff, an outdoor gym could the perfect indulgence.

Pilates in Peace: Pilates is excellent for flexibility and core strength.

Buy a Fire Extinguisher: You never know when you'll need a fire extinguisher, so be safe rather than sorry.

Do Your Homework: Research your DIY projects thoroughly. Read the labels on all project materials you buy, and pay particular attention to the safety directions.

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