Top 10 Ways to Lower Your Financial Stress

All Jammed Up: Narrow Your Choices: Having too many choices can actually be a bad thing.

Ditch Your Defeatist Attitude: If fear of making the "wrong" choices about your finances has left you mired in indecision, imagine how people who think.

Stop Rowing in Circles: Working together will help keep your financial boat afloat (and save you a lot of stress.

Make a Budget - And Stick to It: Now that you've eliminated certain mental obstacles that keep you financially stressed out, you're ready to educate yourself.

Cut Expenses: Slash those expenses -- and your stress along with them.

Get Rid of Debt: While debt elimination, retirement and emergency savings are all essential to eliminating financial stress.

Retirement Savings Strategies: Taking a close look at your retirement options and investing well can give you financial peace of mind.

How high can it go Juicing Your Credit Score: Your true credit score is your FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation) score.

Surf the Net and Save: Sites like are incredible, free resources that offer you loads of money-saving, cost-cutting tips.

Coupons, Glorious Coupons: Legend has it that Coca-Cola company owner Asa Candler created the world's first coupon when he handwrote.

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