Top 10 Weakest Animals

Elephants:are strong animals. They can fend off predators such as lions, push down trees, and walk for hundreds of miles. Why, then, did they make our list of the weakest animals.

Male Black Widow Spiders:like their female counterparts and virtually all other arachnids, have venom. But the small male spiders are not strong enough to bite through your skin.

The Jellyfish: on seawater to support them, and many allow the currents to take them where they will. Movement through the water allows the stinging tentacles to spread out behind the jellyfish.

Humans:For most of us, we are also not able to survive in the wild. If you were stranded out of doors, could you find safe food to eat and water to drink? Adequate shelter.

Sloths:have about 30 percent less muscle mass than many mammals of similar size. The reason for this reduced muscle mass is not hard to guess. Muscles are built through movement, and sloths .

The Wild Turkey:This is because they have been bred for body size. While they may flap wildly when jumping up to a perch, their wings are too weak to provide the lift necessary for flight.

Anteaters:on the other hand, is one mammal with virtually no bite force. In fact, it can barely move its jaws at all! Anteaters collect ants and other foods by extending a long tongue and drawing.

Star-Nosed Mole: These finger-like extensions near the nose are extremely sensitive to touch. In fact, some research has shown that star-nosed moles can react as quickly to touch and pressure .

Spiny Softshell Turtle:are able to move faster than other turtle species when navigating their muddy lake bottoms, swimming in open water, or even walking on land.

The Copperhead: is hemotoxic, which means it causes tissue damage. Usually, the pain and tissue damage occurs only around the area of the bite. Copperhead bites are almost never fatal to humans.

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