Top 10 Wealthiest Counties in the United States

Marin County, CA:Marin County is in the northern San Francisco Bay Area, across the iconic Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. It is part of the San Francisco–Oakland–Berkley U.S. Census MSA.

Falls Church, VA:Falls Church, Virginia is an independent city, meaning it is not a part of any county. Its population is only 14,658, compared to nearby Washington, D.C. 

Dukes County, MA:Dukes County, MA includes Martha’s Vineyard, the Elizabeth Islands, and Nomans Land. Like Nantucket, Dukes County is a popular summer destination. 

Teton County, WY:Teton County is in northwestern Wyoming, bordering Idaho. While the economy of Teton County is not particularly large, it is home to a massive amount of wealth. 

Alameda County, CA:Alameda County is in the eastern San Francisco Bay Area, known as the East Bay. It is home to several prominent Bay Area cities including Berkeley and Oakland. 

Santa Clara County, CA:Santa Clara County is in the southern San Francisco Bay Area. It is one of the two counties that make up Silicon Valley, the other being San Mateo County. 

Nantucket County, MA:The Town and County of Nantucket is an island off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It is famous for its beautiful beaches and historic lighthouses. 

San Mateo County, CA:San Mateo County, in the California Bay Area, is the wealthiest county in the United States. It is part of Silicon Valley, a region of Northern California that designs and produces advanced technology such as websites.

New York County, NY:New York County, also known as Manhattan, is the wealthiest of the five New York City boroughs. It has the highest income per capita of any county in the United States, at $83,008. 

San Francisco County, CA:The City and County of San Francisco is located on the San Francisco Peninsula in Northern California. It is the only consolidated city-county in California.

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