Top 10 Weirdest Snakes 

Dragon Snake: main common name comes from its unusual yet beautiful dragon-like scalation. Its body is mostly jet black with three raised rows of keeled scales running down its entire length.

Desert Horned Viper: are highly venomous and native to the driest, sandiest deserts in northern Africa and the Middle East. They are commonly spotted in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia.

Blind Worm Snake:If you were to ever see this incredibly weird snake in the wild, you’d almost definitely mistake it for an earthworm! The blind worm snake, also known as the brahminy blind snake.

Tentacled Snake:We begin our journey into the unusual with the aptly-named tentacled snake. As its name suggests, the tentacled snake has two small “tentacles” protruding from the top of its snout.

Hognose Snakes:There are actually about 15 different species of hognose snakes spanning three different genera that live in wildly varying geographic regions from the Americas all the way .

Sea Snakes:Another group of snakes worthy of a collective spot on this list is the sea snakes. The Hydrophiinae subfamily is made up of almost 70 different species.

Flying Snakes:If the idea of a flying snake terrifies you, you’re certainly not alone! In reality, though, this snake’s name is a bit of an exaggeration. 

Rattlesnakes:There are a lot of different types of rattlesnakes out there–36 species and around 65 subspecies across two genera, in fact! Rather than highlight a single species.

Vine Snakes: are another group of weird snakes that are simply too diverse and awesome to limit their spot on this list to just a single species.

Spiny Bush Viper:in general are incredibly weird and stunningly beautiful, but the weirdest member of the Atheris genus is most certainly the hairy bush viper. 

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