top 10 windiest cities in us

Wichita, Kansas:The 7th flattest state, Kansas is also home to Wichita, just like Dodge City. Wichita is only the first state in Kansas to join our list. With an average wind speed of 11.5 mph.

Dodge City, Kansas:The featureless landscape of the Great Plains contributes to Kansas’ windiness, particularly in the southwest, which receives the brunt of gusts coming down the Rocky Mountains.

Lubbock, Texas:There are a lot of Texas cities on this list, and Lubbock is one. Lubbock, located just south of the Texas Panhandle, generates an average wind speed of 12.4 miles per hour.

Amarillo, Texas:is ranked second among the country windiest cities and rightfully so. It’s in the windy Texas Panhandle, east of the Rocky Mountains with an average wind speed of 13.6 miles per hour.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:With an average wind speed of 12.2 miles per hour, Oklahoma ranks as the country’s fifth windiest city. 

Buffalo, New York:Buffalo, located on the banks of Lake Erie, is windy enough to make this list. The New York city has an average wind speed of 11.8 mph and is most windy in January. 

Boston, Massachusetts:Boston lands fourth on this list, with an average wind speed of 12.3 mph, but having a denser population than the cities mentioned above, it merits more attention.

Rochester, Minnesota:located in the southeast corner of the flat state, has one of the strongest average wind speeds of any Minnesota city, at roughly 12.1 miles per hour.

Corpus Christi, Texas:With an average wind speed of 12 mph, Corpus Christi is another hot city where the constant breeze might be seen as a blessing instead of a curse by the people who live there. 

Fargo, North Dakota:With an average wind speed of 11.2 mph, the city of Fargo in North Dakota ranks tenth among the windiest cities in the United States. 

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