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Top10World’s Biggest Fast Food Chains

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Dairy Queen: Dairy Queen is available in 6000 different locations all over the world. It operates in about 18 countries aside from the United States

Kentucky Fried Chicken: This company is the world’s second-largest restaurant established in 1930 at Kentucky.

McDonald’s Fast Food Company: This is the world’s largest fast-food chain which has 35,000 stores in over 119 countries.

Domino’s Pizza Company: This company is second to the largest pizza service delivery in the US, leading first is the Pizza Hut.

Subway: Operating in over 107 countries, the Subway has a total of 42,174 restaurants.

Papa John’s Pizza Company: In the US, 4th of the largest pizza service delivery is Papa John’s which has a total of 34 services available.

Dunkin’ Donuts: They have over 11,000 branches in 3 countries and they serve mainly coffee and baked goods.

Pizza Hut: The largest pizza delivery service worldwide is Pizza Hut.

Burger King: This international hamburger chain has over 13,000 restaurants across 79 countries worldwide.

Starbucks Coffee Company: This Seattle-based coffee company is the biggest worldwide. Starbucks has over 23,187 shops throughout 64 countries.

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