Top 10 Worst Kinds of Pop Fans

The conspiracy theorist: who believes in ridiculous theories about the artist, their music, and their personal life.

The obsessive stan: who goes to extreme lengths to defend and worship their favorite artist, often attacking anyone who criticizes them.

The fandom warrior: who starts fights with fans of other artists and feels the need to prove that their artist is better.

The elitist: who looks down on anyone who likes mainstream pop and considers themselves above it all.

The toxic critic: who can't stand any pop music and feels the need to constantly criticize and tear it down.

The gatekeeper: who thinks they're the only "true" fan of the artist and everyone else is just a poser.

The non-stop requester: who constantly bombards the artist with requests for shoutouts, follows, and likes.

The bandwagoner: who jumps on the hype train and claims to be a fan of the artist without actually knowing much about their music.

The fake fan: who pretends to like the artist to fit in with a certain group of people or to impress someone.

The fair-weather fan: who only likes the artist when they're popular and abandons them when they're not.

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