Top 10 Worst Things About School

Heading 1

Homework: Homework is a very very bad guy. It has a body count, and a tree count. Now yeah, should a teacher give a lot of homework all because they had to do a lot of homework as a student.

Bullies:  Most of the time, he ganged up on me with other idiots and the teachers didn't even care. He made me hate school and I hope I never see him ever again.

Annoying kids: Darrius Couchcox have been disrupting me while I'm putting Mayonnaise, Mustard, and Ketchup on a Chicken patty or Grilled-like Patty also he made Jacqson Childs to insult me.

Mean teachers: This happened to me myself numerous times my science teacher and my math teacher embarrassed me in front of the damn entire class. 

Tests: Yeah, tests are the worst. Because the night before a huge one is where you have to stress out and have a sleepless day.

Coming back to school on Mondays: 2 day weekends compared to 5 days of school is not at all a fair deal! Here's what I would change.

Waking up and realizing you gotta go to school: Imagine that you wake up. It's a beautiful day outside. You can hear the birds chriping outside

It's boring: Science is interesting if they talk about UFOs, space, the human body, or something interesting like that, but all we talk about is the boring stuff like rock cycles and cells.

Math: I wish math was an optional school subject, or a grade that doesn't count. I never get all A's anymore because of it.

Grades: I get all A's on homework (which is something I also hate) my mom's going through my homework but then, a wild f appeared, mom.

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