Top 11 Amazing Lakes in Arizona

Lake Mead: is the largest reservoir in the United States. Its name comes from Elwood Mead who helped bring the lake into existence through the Boulder Canyon Project. 

 Patagonia Lake:serene experience at a beautiful body of water in Arizona then make the drive to Patagonia Lake. Check the website for events such as family campouts and guided bird walks.

Apache Lake:is the “only lake in Arizona that has rooms near the water and walk-in distance beaches.” If your version of a lake trip is remote and uncrowded set your sights on Apache Lake.

 Lake Pleasant: has a rich history dating back to roughly 700 A.D. The area was originally populated by the Hohokam, “ancient farming peoples of the southern deserts of Arizona.

Theodore Roosevelt Lake:along the Salt River creates the massive body of water comprising Theodore Roosevelt Lake. Just a short drive from Phoenix provides access to the full array of recreational.

Bartlett Lake:has been known to produce huge, record-breaking catfish. Beyond big catfish, Bartlett Lake also provides large and smallmouth bass, black crappie, and bluegill. 

 Lake Mohave: is a full-service recreational powerhouse created in harmony by the Hoover Dam and Colorado River. From camping to fishing to lodging and even shopping.

Martinez Lake:is your destination. It’s been rated in the top five best lakes to fish and sometimes avoiding the crowds is exactly what’s required for a good experience.

 Saguaro Lake:is definitely a destination spot for any avid angler. In addition to the trophy fishing available, canyon walls along the lake’s backdrop provide a majestic beauty for hikers, hunters.

 Lake Havasu:sits on the border with California and is served primarily by Lake Havasu City. Lake Havasu is a reservoir that was created in 1938 after the construction of the Parker Dam.

 Lake Powell:is enormous. Because of its massive size, a good portion of it is located in Utah with some of it stretching into northeastern Arizona.