Top 11 Heaviest Dog Breeds

Tibetan Mastiff: is a large breed from East Asia. Despite its name, it’s not a true mastiff, nor is it directly related to the mastiff. They frequently used to guard Tibetan monasteries.

Leonberger:A breed of giant mountain dog, Leonbergers get their name from the city of Leonberg in Germany. Primarily used as water rescue dogs, Leonbergers are famous for their large, muscular frame.

Spanish Mastiff: is a large breed of working dog from Spain. Originally bred as guard dogs and livestock guardians, Spanish Mastiffs rank as one of the tallest and heaviest dogs in the world. 

 Kangal Shepherd Dog:Also known as the Anatolian Shepherd Dog in the United States, the Kangal Shepherd Dog is a large breed from Turkey. The breed remains popular in its native region of Sivas.

English Mastiff:ranks as the heaviest dog in the world. Known simply as the Mastiff in its native home, the United Kingdom, the English Mastiff can grow to immense sizes.

 Caucasian Shepherd Dog:represents a genuinely massive breed. They originate from the Caucasus region, most notably Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Southern Russia. 

Irish Wolfhound:belongs to the sighthound family of dogs that hunt based on their keen eyesight and speed. Famed for their large size and power, Irish Wolfhound rank among the tallest dogs .

Neapolitan Mastiff:is a genuine member of the Mastiff family. Bred initially in the mid-20th century, the Neapolitan Mastiff can trace its ancestry back to the ancient guard dogs of central Italy.

Saint Bernard:is a large breed of rescue dog from the Western Alps in Italy and Switzerland. Originally bred around the mid-1600s, Saint Bernards grew famous for saving people from avalanches .

Newfoundland:is a heavy breed of working dog from Newfoundland, Canada. Initially bred by fishermen in the area, they excel at water rescue due to their webbed paws and excellent swimming abilities.

Great Dane: is one of the tallest and heaviest dogs globally. In its native Germany, Great Danes can trace their history back to the Middle Ages, when nobility used them for hunting deer and other.

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