Top 11 Sharks Found in Buzzards Bay

Sandbar Sharks: sandbar sharks grow between 6 and 8 feet long. Thankfully, these fish are docile, since they prefer swimming in shallow waters in the bay, near beaches.

Atlantic Sharpnose Sharks:Atlantic sharpnose sharks live more typically in warm, tropical and subtropical waters. But these sharks have been known to make their way around Buzzards Bay. 

Bull Sharks: the bull shark makes its way into Buzzards Bay in summertime. They prefer shallow brackish water and freshwater estuaries, making the Bay the perfect locale for these fishy beasts.

Blue Sharks:blue sharks may be found in almost any large body of saltwater in the world. These large fish filled with terrifying teeth make Buzzards Bay their summer home every year.

Blacktip Sharks:This shark makes its home in tropical and subtropical waters. Still, they can also happily survive and thrive in brackish water in northern climates during summertime.

Basking Sharks:These monstrous fish seem scary if you spot them out on open water, but they’re considered harmless to humans. Basking sharks primarily feed on plankton and filter this food through their gills while they swim.

Thresher Sharks: thresher sharks belong to the mackerel family Alopiidae. They’re usually found in temperate and tropical bodies of water, but they frequently swim northward to the bay anyway. 

Great White Sharks:The apex predators travel long distances to feed here, so they may be seen somewhat regularly during specific months of migration.

Smooth Dogfish:The shark comes in olive gray to brown, with some yellow to gray-white accents. Males have shorter lifespans, up to 10 years, while the females live up to 16 years.

Sand Tiger Sharks:These long sharks, measuring up to 7 to 8 feet on average, or 10.5 feet on the long end, are classed as Critically Endangered on the International Union for Conservation Nature Red List.

Spiny Dogfish:Spiny dogfish have slim bodies and narrow, pointy snouts. They often bear white spots on their gray bodies, with white undersides.

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