Top 11 Types Of Zebra Succulents

Alba: is a stunning, upright star variety that features rosettes of spiky, dark green leaves with white ridges running across them. 

Big Band: is an incredibly low-maintenance and slow-growing succulent that features pointed green leaves adorned with white stripes. During the summer months, it produces small white flowers.

Haworthia – Royal Albert: is a small-sized perennial succulent plant native to South Africa. It can grow solitarily or clustered and reaches up to 4 inches in height once it matures. 

Haworthia – Chocolate: is a rare cultivar with an attractive form and unique coloring. Unlike most Haworthia, this variety has a dark reddish-brown coloration which makes it stand out from the rest.

Concolor:is a unique plant with an eye-catching form and pattern. It has long, slender leaves that are dotted with small white specks and can range in color from lime to dark green.

Reinwardtii:is a low-maintenance succulent with thick green foliage and raised white dots on the outside surface of the leaves. 

Haworthia:is a succulent houseplant with a bright green rosette of narrow leaves that are covered in raised white dots on both sides. 

Tegelberg:is a selected form of Haworthia with raised green ridges banding its leaves. Its foliage tends to be slightly narrower and more concave than the type species.

Splendens:This plant can tolerate high temperatures by slowing down or entering dormancy during the summer months, but it should not be overwatered or fertilized during this period.

Super White: is a stunning variety of the popular Zebra Plant. Its leaves are patterned with broad white stripes, making them more eye-catching than regular zebra plants. 

Hankey Dwarf Aloe:The Hankey Dwarf Aloe, also known by its scientific name Haworthiopsis attenuata var. radula, is a small succulent that looks great in any garden or windowsill. 

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