Top 12 Best Chicken Breeds

Nankin Bantam Chicken:The Nankin Bantam Chicken is a bantam chicken breed that does not have a larger counterpart. They tend to have copper-colored feathers on their body and black feathers on their tail. 

Booted Bantam: Booted Bantams are loved by people seeking chickens to keep as pets. These small chickens are well-known for their interesting feathering on their legs that make it look like they are wearing feather boots. 

Dorking Chicken:Dorking Chickens are good for both egg and meat production, and they tend to come in a few unique colors including white, red, and grey. 

Maran Chicken: The most interesting facet of the Maran Chicken breeds is that it lays chocolate-colored eggs! However, it does not lay nearly as many as some of the other chickens on this list.

Belgian d’Uccle:The Belgian d’Uccle is a bantam chicken that does well as a pet, but not as well laying eggs or as a meat chicken. These chickens tend to have a beard and muff around their head, giving them a unique look. 

Cochin Chicken:Cochin chicken breeds are large, fluffy chickens that are very kind to humans that they’re raised around. Interestingly, they have feathers that go down their legs, giving them a booted look. 

New Hampshire Red Chicken: The New Hampshire Red Chicken is a famous breed that is similar to the Rhode Island Red. This breed is very good for eggs and meat, and they manage to mature very quickly.

Friesian Chicken: These are good farm chickens that produce a lot of eggs. These chickens are known for their varied colors, including a gold and silver variant. 

Redcap Chicken:The birds might not be the friendliest of the bunch, but they are good both for egg production as well as meat since they grow rather large. 

Sultan Chicken: The Sultan Chicken is an interesting bird because it has soft plumage and small size. These birds have crests of soft feathers on their head and feathers that run down their legs.

Polish Chicken: The Polish chicken is an interesting breed that most people recognize for its amazing crest of feathers on its head. These chickens come in a lot of colors, too.

Wyandotte Chicken:The Wyandotte Chicken is a good meat and egg producer, so they’re good for farms. They’re friendly animals, too. They are used to being handled by human beings.

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