Top 12 Best Flowers to Plant in Georgia

Blanket Flowers:This fiery flower is native to North and South America. Technically, instead of a specific species, the blanket flower is a genus of flowering plants. 

 Black-eyed Susans:Black-eyed susans are tall annuals that can spread up to 18 inches wide. The flowers are usually yellow, but can also develop red, pink, and brown.

Pansies: Pansies are garden flowers and members of the Violaceae family. They come in many colors including red, purple, white, and yellow. They are usually bi-colored. Pansies hold a lot of meaning too.

Milkweeds: Milkweed is an important plant for monarch butterflies. There are over 200 species, found throughout the world. Most species are native to parts of North America, Africa, and South America. 

Marigolds:Marigolds are vibrant and joyful flowers. Like some others on this list, no one plant’s called a marigold. Instead, marigold is a genus of flowering plants. 

Zinnias:Zinnia is a genus of hundreds of flowering annuals and shrubs. Some species can easily reach 3 feet tall. They are great in container gardens and on the ground.

Lavenders:Lavender is a great plant if you want a sweet-smelling flower that you can use for bouquets, or create your oils and scents. This plant though isn’t a specific species, but a genus of at least 47 species.

 Cosmos:Cosmos is another excellent flower to grow in Georgia. They are dainty and delicate flowers native to parts of North America, including Mexico. 

Coneflowers:They take about 10 to 21 days to root and grow. You can also grow these lovely flowers in fall, but they may not survive winter.

Celosias:They are known for their vibrant flame-like head of flowers. These plants aren’t just showy, but also edible. In gardens, the plant spreads quickly as it produces thousands of small seeds. 

Sunflowers:Sunflowers are radiant flowers that thrive in warm conditions. In Georgia, many species grow in the wild. There are multiple sunflower farms in the state and a large sunflower festival.

Azaleas: Azaleas are flowering shrubs with large vibrant blooms. These beautiful flowers are native to multiple continents including Asia, North America, and Europe. 

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