Top 12 Best Types of Philodendrons to Liven Up Any House

Green Heartleaf Philodendron:The green heartleaf philodendron, also known as a “sweetheart philodendron” is one of the most common and popular species of philodendron. 

Oak Leaf Philodendron:The oak leaf philodendron is a very recognizable climbing philodendron, with glossy green leaves that can hang from a planter or climb to heights of 9 feet if it has the right support.

Ecuador Philodendron:The Educator philodendron has velvety leaves that have neon green veins and a striking reddish color. The leaves on this climbing philodendron can easily grow to be several inches wide.

Variegated Heart Leaf Philodendron:The variegated heart leaf philodendron, also known as “philodendron Brasil” for short, has heart-shaped leaves and variegated, or multi-colored, leaves streaked in yellow and green. 

Rojo Congo:The rojo Congo, or “red Congo,” is a beautiful philodendron with bright red stems and leaves that become dark, forest green as they mature.

White Wave:This plant is a rare mutation of Philodendron ‘Rojo Congo’ which has creamy white variegated leaves. As a new, unique cultivar that is not found in nature, this plant has become a favorite among plant collectors. 

Philodendron Micans :The velvet leaf philodendron, also known as the “philodendron micans,” is a vining philodendron beloved for being a beautiful and low-maintenance addition to any home. 

Philodendron Gloriosum:They can easily reach 2 feet long! Overall, the plant grows upright and can reach up to 3 feet tall and 4 feet in spread. 

Philodendron Pink Princess:Philodendron pink princess is a variegated variety, which has long, heart-shaped leaves and beautiful colors in shades of pink and green. 

 Philodendron Xanadu:Thaumatophyllum xanadu, also known as philodendron xanadu or winterbourne, is a popular landscaping plant in places with subtropical climates. 

 Philodendron Prince Orange:The Prince of Orange philodendron is a cultivar with broad, spear-shaped leaves that grow upright and appear to emerge individually from the soil at the base of the plant.

Philodendron Patriciae :The Philodendron patriciae was discovered by a botanist named Thomas Croat back in the 1980s. At the time, he named it after his wife– Patricia. 

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