Top 12 Biggest Lakes in Washington State

Lake Chelan: is a beautiful 33,340-acre (134.9 square kilometer) lake that stretches into the North Cascades’ eastern edge. It is the sixth deepest lake in North America.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Lake:The largest lake in the state is a reservoir with a surface area of 79,070 acres (320 square kilometers) and 603 miles of shoreline.

Ozette Lake:With 7,787 acres (29.5 square kilometers), Lake Ozette is Washington’s biggest unspoiled natural lake. Lake Ozette was given the Makah name “Kahouk,” which means “big lake.”

 Potholes Reservoir: is a man-made lake located in central Washington created by the O’Sullivan Dam. It is one of Washington’s largest lakes, measuring 27,800 acres or 112.5 square kilometers .

 Riffe Lake: The lake boasts a healthy smallmouth bass population and has an open fishing season all year. Riffe Lake is a great place to catch landlocked coho, Chinook salmon.

Lake Whatcom: supplies drinking water for approximately 85,000 people in Bellingham and Whatcom County. The lake, which is located in Whatcom County, Washington, is 5,003 acres .

 Lake Washington: It is King County’s largest lake and the state of Washington’s second-largest natural lake, behind Lake Chelan, with a surface area of 21,750 acres .

Banks Lake: is a vast man-made reservoir in Eastern Washington that stretches from Coulee City to Electric City. This one-of-a-kind lake is part of the Columbia Basin Project.

 Moses Lake: is a reservoir and lake located along Crab Creek in Washington State. Crab Creek is a tributary of the Columbia River, making Moses Lake a part of the Columbia River basin.

Osoyoos Lake: is derived from the word ‘suius (soo-yoos),’ which means ‘place where two lakes meet.’ During the last Ice Age, a massive glacier carved out the Okanagan Valley.

 Little Kachess Lake:Located along the Kachess River’s course, Little Kachess Lake is a lake and reservoir in Washington state. The lake has 4,540 acres or 18.37 square kilometers of surface area. 

 Lake Crescent:This crystal-clear, glacially sculpted lake is located 18 miles west of Port Angeles, near the Juan de Fuca Strait shoreline. The lake is one of Washington’s pride in beauty.

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