Top 12 Birth Month Flowers

January — Carnation and Snowdrop:The carnation is known for its delicate beauty and subtle fragrance. This flower can come in a wide range of colors, including pink, red, white, yellow.

February — Violet and Primrose:The violet is a small, delicate flower that blooms in shades of purple, blue, and white. Its petals fan out from its center, creating an intricate design .

March — Daffodil: are beautiful and vibrant flowers that typically bloom in the early spring months. With their bright yellow petals and delicate trumpet-shaped centers.

April — Sweet Pea and Daisy:These flowers have a romantic feel to them, with their ruffled petals in shades of pink, purple, white, or red. They grow on long stems that can reach up to six feet tall.

May — Hawthorn and Lily of the Valley:The hawthorn is a small tree or shrub that produces delicate white or pink flowers in late spring. Its branches are spiny, and its leaves are lobed.

June — Rose and Honeysuckle:The appearance of the rose varies depending on its species. Some roses bloom with large petals, while others have smaller ones.

July — Water Lily and Larkspur:Water lilies are aquatic plants with large, showy blooms that float on the surface of still or slow-moving water. 

August — Gladiolus and Poppy:The gladiolus flower is characterized by its tall and slender stem with multiple blooms arranged in rows. This elegant flower comes in a variety of colors, red, yellow.

September — Morning Glory and Aster: is a special month for those born during this time as they have not just one but two beautiful birth flowers to celebrate their entry into the world. 

October — Marigold: flowers belong to the genus Tagetes, which includes about 56 species of plants native to the Americas. These bright and cheerful flowers are known for their vibrant color.

November — Chrysanthemum:are beautiful flowers that come in a variety of colors, ranging from white and yellow to red and purple. They have a unique appearance, with many small petals clustered.

December — Holly:The holly plant is typically characterized by its deep green leaves and vibrant red berries that are often associated with the holiday season. 

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