Top 12 Black And Red Spiders

Cardinal Jumper:This tiny jumping spider is red with black legs. They’re very colorful and furry, with two prominent eyes. They’re much smaller than other spiders, measuring around just 10 mm long.

Apache Jumping Spider:The Apache spider is similar to the red-backed jumping spider. However, their body is fuzzy and almost entirely red or orange, though the female has a black stripe on its abdomen. 

Bold Jumping Spider:The bold jumping spider has three prominent orange and red spots on its black abdomen. They have short legs, though their front legs are particularly wide.

Spiny-Backed Orb Weaver:The spiny-backed orb weaver is known for its unusual appearance. All orb weavers tend to look strange when compared to the stereotypical spider; however, this species wins the weirdest spider award!

Emerton’s Bitubercled Cobweaver:The cobweaver is one of the smallest and interesting-looking spiders on this list. Males only grow up to 1.5 mm, while females can get as big as 2.3 mm. 

Southern Black Widow:The southern black widow spider is well-known throughout much of the United States. It’s one of the more venomous spiders, though its venom is rarely deadly in people.

Red Widow:The adult red widow specializes in capturing flying insects. Only the females are red and black, while the males are much less eye-catching.

Red-Backed Jumping Spider:The red-backed jumping spider is striking indeed! It has a black cephalothorax and a bright red abdomen, with females displaying a black stripe down their middle. 

Red-Headed Mouse Spider:Their large, brightly colored jaws can look a bit scary, but these spiders are harmless to people. Interestingly, only males have this red coloration. 

Northern Black Widow:The northern black widow spider looks different than its southern counterpart, with its identifiable feature being three or more red dots.

Brown Black Widow:This spider is sometimes mistaken for the southern black widow. However, close observers will see that this species is brown, and lacks the bright red marking of their famous relatives.

Mediterranean Black Widow:The Mediterranean black widow spider is easily recognized by the thirteen red, orange, or yellow dots spread across its abdomen. 

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