Top 12 Black and Yellow Lizards 

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Lace Monitor Lizard:The lace monitor lizard or tree goanna is classified as Varanus varius. In Australia, the lace monitor is the second-largest member of its genus. 

Eastern Collared Lizard:The eastern collared lizard, also known as the yellow-headed collared lizard, is classified as Crotaphytus collaris. The eastern collared lizard species is native to North America. 

Brown Basilisk: This species has a maximum length of 24 inches. It can be found all throughout Mexico, Colombia, and Central America.

Galapagos Land Iguana:The Galapagos land iguana is classified as Conolophus subcristatus. As its name indicates, the Galapagos land iguana is a type of reptile that is unique to the Galapagos islands.

Gargoyle Gecko:The gargoyle gecko, also known as the knob-headed giant gecko, is classified as Rhacodactylus auriculatus. The island of New Caledonia in the southwest Pacific Ocean is home to the tiny (and quite adorable) gargoyle gecko.

Gila Monster:The Gila monster is classified as Heloderma suspectum. The southwestern United States and northwest Mexico are home to the huge, venomous reptiles known as Gila monsters.

Spiny-Tailed Lizard:The spiny-tailed lizard or Uromastyx lizard refers to a number of lizard species in the genus Uromastyx. Asia and Africa are home to the lizards of the genus Uromastyx, which includes the spiny-tailed lizard. 

Leopard Gecko:The leopard gecko is classified as Eublepharis macularius. This type of lizard can be black and yellow, as well as a host of other colors depending on the specimen’s specific morph.

Yellow-Spotted Lizard:The yellow-spotted lizard, also known as the yellow-spotted tropical night lizard, is classified as Lepidophyma flavimaculatum.

Komodo Dragon:The Komodo dragon or Komodo monitor lizard is classified as Varanus komodoensis. This well-known type of black and yellow lizard is native to Indonesia. 

Crocodile Monitor:The lizard’s face is blunt, and some of them have a yellow hue to their mouths and snouts. This type of lizard may reach lengths of 45 to 50 inches.

Argus Monitor:The Argus monitor or the yellow-spotted monitor is classified as Varanus panoptes. It is a huge, impressive lizard that lives in Southeast Asian grasslands and woodlands. 

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