Top 12 Dazzling Birds That Start With I

 Ibis:Ibises are long-legged wading birds with long, decurved bills. There are several ibis species that inhabit different regions and feature various colors, ranging from bright reddish-orange to pure white.

Indigo Bunting:This small seed-eating bird belongs to the cardinal family and is a migratory species that makes its way from Southern Canada to Northern South America each year. 

Indigo-capped Hummingbird:True to its name, this hummingbird has an indio cap and an emerald green body. It lives in the tropical lowland forests and moist montane forests of Colombia in South America. 

Inca Jay:The Inca jay is a brightly-colored bird from the Andes of South America, sporting bright yellow and deep green plumage. It is an extensive vocal repertoire, including calls that sound like alarm bells. 

 Icterine Warbler:Icterine warblers are large European warblers that forage on insects and fruit. They live in fields, dense shrubs, and forest edges, where they prefer well-spaced trees and tall undergrowth.

 Iceland Gull:This medium-sized gull is an Arctic breeder, nesting in regions of Canada and Greenland. Iceland gulls have pale plumage with white wing tips and are considered seabirds that feed primarily on fish. 

Intermediate Egret:The intermediate egret is a medium-sized heron that inhabits shallow coastal or freshwater habitats, like flooded fields. They live in East Africa, India, Southeast Asia, and Australia.

 Island Scrub-jay:The island scrub-jay has the smallest range of any bird in North America. This jay only lives on Santa Cruz Island, off the coast of California.

 Indian Vulture:The Indian vulture is a bird of prey from India, where it inhabits open fields, dry foothills, and garbage-filled areas near cities. It is a medium-sized vulture, measuring 41 inches long and featuring a wingspan of up to 8.5 feet. 

 Ivory Gull:The ivory gull is a small gull with snow-white plumage and black spots on its wings and tail. These birds breed in the high Arctic in Greenland, the northern regions of North America, and Eurasia.

Ibisbill:These gray birds feature red legs, long bills, and three toes on their feet. They live in Central Asia and the Himalayas along the shingle riverbanks in the high plateau. 

 Imperial Woodpecker:The imperial woodpecker is the largest woodpecker in the world, measuring up to 23 inches long. They have black and white bodies, and males have bright red crests while females have black crests. 

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