Top 12 Gorgeous Flowers That Start With W

Wake-Robin:Wake-robin is easily recognized by its triple leaf, three sepals, and a total of three petals. It is also known as a wood lily or simply trillium. 

Wallflower:They thrive in rock landscaping, raised beds, pots, and hedges. Wallflowers are biennials or short-lived perennials, however, they are sometimes planted as annuals. 

Wand Flower:Wand flower is a beautiful ground cover for shade gardens with glossy, heart-shaped, everlasting foliage that is native to the forests of the Southeast of the United States and frequently turns copper in the fall. 

Wishbone Flower:Wishbone flowers, so named because of the shape they take when they bloom thanks to their stamens, are also known as clown flowers because of their colorful arrangements of colors. 

Wintersweet:This 15-foot-tall Chinese shrub bears tiny, sweet-smelling blossoms with brilliant scarlet inner tepals and exquisite light yellow outer petals. 

Wax Flower:These unique flowers can be planted outside in USDA zones 10 and warmer, despite the fact that they are typically grown as houseplants.

White Wood Aster:This shrubby perennial, which reaches one to three feet tall, is ideal for hills, gloomy borders, rural gardens, and forest settings.

Wood Sorrel:This species of sorrel, which is one of hundreds of species, has a diverse range of leaf and blossom shapes, sizes, and colors.

Winter Aconite:Winter aconite gets its name because it blooms so early and has bright, buttercup-like flowers that frequently appear to be emerging from the snow.

Water Lily:The water is shaded and cooled by the plant’s enormous leaves, which also protect fish from birds and various other predators and stop the spread of heat-loving algae. 

Wine Cups:Wine cups, which are sometimes known as poppy mallows, flower throughout the summer with magenta, cup-shaped blooms.

Whirling Butterflies: this native North American plant draws them throughout its flowering season from the beginning of summer through the autumn months. 

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