Top 12 Incredible Reindeer Facts for Christmas

Reindeer have up to a 20 Year Lifespan!:A wild adult reindeer or caribou can live up to 20 years in captivity, although the typical lifespan is about 15 years. Males have a shorter life than females, as much as four years less!

Reindeer Females have Antlers:Reindeer are the only deer species in which the females grow antlers, making them unique among deer! This is because even female reindeer need antlers to dig through snow and soil in search of food .

Reindeer are Social Creatures: reindeer form large groups known as herds. In herds of ten or more reindeer, they travel, rest, and eat together. 

Reindeer Have Unique Winter Adaptations:Reindeer are a closely related species of deer found in the tundra and grasslands, but they prefer the cold, snowy climates of the northern hemisphere winters. 

Male Reindeers are Bulls and Females are Cows:Male reindeer are also called bull or stag, and female reindeer are referred to as cows. Male reindeer are distinguished from females by their larger stature, tougher hooves, and more impressive antlers.

There is a Herd of Reindeer the Size of Seattle!:Russia has the biggest population and herds of reindeer, with an average of 700,000 reindeer, that’s about the same population as Seattle, Washington! 

Reindeer have different names across the world!:A reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) is classified as a member of the Cervidae family of animals and is also known as caribou in certain regions.

Reindeers Communicate Like Dogs!:Reindeer are vociferous members of the deer species. Reindeer use grunts and barks to communicate with one another, much like dogs do. 

Reindeer have the Largest Antlers of Any Deer:Reindeer are larger than most deer and the overall fifth largest species of deer, Their coat is different than most deer species; usually grey-white, with flecks of brown.

Like Rudolph, Reindeer have “Red” Noses:Much like Rudolph, reindeer can have “red” noses, too. The reindeer has a network of small veins to circulate heated blood around their nose to keep the air they intake warm. 

Reindeer “Click-Clack” as they Walk!:When reindeer walk, they produce a clicking sound. This “click-clack” is caused by the sesamoid bones of their feet snapping over the tendons.

Baby Reindeer are Called Calves:Baby reindeer are called “calves” while a single reindeer is called a calf. The largest deer species, the moose, is also called a calf. However, other baby deer species are commonly called fawns.

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