Top 12 Largest Ranches in Texas

Briscoe Ranches – 640,000 Acres:The Briscoes are a prominent Texas ranching family who began buying land for their cattle business in the early 20th century. 

Corn Ranch – 165,000 Acres:Corn Ranch, also known as Launch Site One, is a spaceport owned by billionaire and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. It’s located in West Texas near the small town of Van Horn.

Longfellow Ranch – 350,000 Acres: is a 350,000-acre ranch in West Texas in the center of Big Bend country. It’s a working cattle ranch with an oil field and a 4,700-foot five-star lodge. 

Kokernot 06 Ranch – 278,000 Acres: is in West Texas in the Davis Mountains. The family that currently owns the land acquired it in 1912,

La Escalera – 223,000 Acres:La Escalera Ranch covers portions of five counties. The Gerald Lyda family owns more than 223,000 acres near Fort Stockton, Texas. 

Waggoner Ranch – 535,000 Acres:Dan Waggoner established Waggoner Ranch in 1849 near Vernon, Texas. His son took over operations in the early 1900s and grew the business to what it is today. 

Hughes Ranch – 390,000 Acres:Their 390,000-acre property is mainly used for personal purposes, but the family also sells cattle and hunting licenses.

O’Connor Family Ranch – 587,000 Acres: was a poor Irish rancher who immigrated to Texas in 1834. The Mexican government granted him over 4,000 acres, which he utilized to make saddletrees.

King Ranch – 825,000 Acres: is the largest ranch in the United States. At over 800,000 acres, the ranch is the size of the state of Rhode Island. It’s been in business for 160 years.

The Four Sixes Ranch (6666) – 266,000 Acres: The ranch is in the western part of the state and includes 119 pastures, 16,000 acres of grasslands, 18 solar wells, and 29 windmills. 

Jones Family Ranch – 255,000 Acres:was once over 300,000 acres nestled next to two rivers near Corpus Christi. W.W. Jones settled the land in the 1890s .

Nunley Brothers – 301,500 Acres:Red Nunley began in the 1930s as a small cattle operator and developed a cattle empire that now spans South Texas and parts of Hill Country. 

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