Top 12 Types of Blackbirds in Texas

Bobolink: are uncommon in Texas and far more prevalent in the eastern part of the country. They breed in the northern U.S. and Canada, and they spend the winter in South America.

Bronzed Cowbird:Bronzed cowbirds make up 4% of summer checklists in Texas, where they spend their breeding season. Although some stay in the state all year, it is between mid-March and November .

Baltimore Oriole:Baltimore orioles, along with other species of orioles, are Icteridae members. Although these magnificent birds can be seen in Texas from April to October, April to May .

Orchard Oriole:can be found in rural and suburban locations. While they also use a range of other tiny, dispersed trees for nesting, mesquite trees are where they most usually build their homes.

Great-tailed Grackle:They naturally inhabit open woodlands, marshes, and chaparral, but it’s also typical to see them in areas where people congregate, such as parks, farms, landfills.

Rusty Blackbird:is a member of the blackbird family that is becoming increasingly scarce. There appears to be a sharp fall in population. Although they are a threatened species in Texas.

Bullock’s Oriole:Between sea level and 5,700 feet, Bullock’s orioles can be found in open forests in Texas, where mesquite is the dominant plant. Most of them are visible from April to September.

Common Grackle:The smallest of the three grackle species that breed in Texas is the common grackle, frequently spotted in much of east and north Texas.

Yellow-headed Blackbird: is a rare sight along the Upper Texas Coast. It nests in marshes and can be found in any open area during the winter, including fields and farmlands. 

European Starling:are year-round residents of Texas. Even though they are not native, these starlings are currently one of the most common songbirds.

Red-winged Blackbird: are the third most common blackbird to be seen in the summer and the second most throughout the winter. The only brightly colored patch on the shoulders .

Brewer’s Blackbird:Before making their way back up north to breed, Brewer’s blackbirds can be seen all over Texas during the winter. They stay in Texas during the winter and are listed on 2% .

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