Top 12 Types of Large-Cupped Daffodils

Accent:‘Accent’ plants reach 1-2 feet tall and produce showy 4-inch blooms. They also received the American Daffodil Society’s prestigious Wister Award.

Fortissimo:‘Fortissimo’ is a vigorous daffodil that grows up to 1-2 feet tall and blooms in the middle of spring. Also, its incredible flowers grow up to 5 inches wide!

Fortune:‘Fortune’ is an heirloom daffodil with light yellow petals and pale orange frilly cups. And its coloring is similar to the ‘Fortissimo’ daffodil (see above) but with more muted hues. 

Flower Record:‘Flower Record’ has a light scent, grows 1-2 feet tall, and blooms later in the spring. It’s also a type of large-cupped daffodil that’s easy to naturalize.

Gigantic Star:‘Gigantic Star’ grows up to 1-2 feet tall, blooms mid-to-late spring, and is easy to grow. And its showy star-shaped cups add star quality to any garden.

Roulette:The ‘Roulette’ daffodil grows 12-18 inches tall and offers its stunning blooms later in the spring. And this showy large-cupped daffodil is another plant that easily naturalizes in lawns and meadows.

Professor Einstein:The ‘Professor Einstein’ daffodil grows 12-24 inches tall and has a pleasant sweet smell. In short, it’s a mid-spring bloomer and makes a magnificent cut flower.

Pink Pride:‘Pink Pride’ offers large 4-5 inch blooms in mid-spring. In addition, the plant grows 12-18 inches tall and naturalizes with ease.

Pink Charm: The Wister Award recognizes outstanding vigorous and showy daffodils with long-lasting blooms.

Ice Follies’:The ‘Ice Follies’ cultivar has won multiple awards, including the Amerian Daffodil Society’s Wister Award.

Carlton’:‘Carlton’ is a vigorous yellow daffodil that comes back every year. And this golden beauty won the coveted Award of Garden Merit presented by the Royal Horticultural Society.

Passionale:Passionale’ is an award-winning large-cupped daffodil that received the Royal Horticultural Society’s highly acclaimed Award of Garden Merit.

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