Top 12 Vines That Have Gorgeous Yellow Flowers

Yellow Orchid Vine:This agile vine can effortlessly stretch up to 30 feet. However, a cold winter that causes the plant to freeze may delay its spring blossoming. 

Black-Eyed Susan Vine:This vine showcases lovely heart-shaped foliage and captivating yellow-orange blossoms spanning about 2 inches. Each flower boasts a deep purple-black center.

Lotus Vine:The lotus vine stands out with its unique trailing greenery, characterized by soft, grayish-green, needle-like foliage that forms appealing clusters along the stem. 

Butterfly Vine:This sun-adored evergreen vine reveals its beauty in late spring, flaunting vibrant yellow flowers that are reminiscent of orchids. These flowers are set against a canvas of deep green leaves. 

Golden Chalice Vine:Golden chalice vine is a gardener’s dream. This perennial climber naturally wraps itself around nearby plants in its natural habitat and requires sturdy support when grown in gardens.

Trailing Lantana :The vine is also dotted with small, rose-tinted lilac or yellow flowers. In regions free from frost, these flowers appear all year round.

Yellow Mandevilla:The yellow Mandevilla is another beautiful vine with yellow flowers. These radiant yellow blossoms feature soft-edged petals centered by a deeper golden hue.

Yellow Trumpet Vine:Yellow trumpet vine is a standout, boasting vibrant golden-yellow, trumpet-like blooms that are about 3 inches long. These radiant flowers grace the plant all summer, offering a continual splash of color.

Yellow Honeysuckle Vine:Yellow honeysuckle is a leaf-shedding vine with yellow flowers that can stretch between 10-15 feet, occasionally even reaching 20 feet. It primarily calls the southeastern U.S. its home.

Carolina Jessamine :The Carolina jessamine vine is a sight to behold when in full bloom. This evergreen climber showcases vibrant yellow or rich golden-yellow trumpet-shaped flowers spanning about 1.5 inches. 

Yellow Passion Flower : These aromatic flowers are a magnet for bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds, giving way to tiny black berries later on, which birds and small critters relish.

Golden Clematis :Golden clematis is a perennial vine that sheds its leaves and features gentle yellow blossoms that dangle gracefully.

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