Top 13 Coldest Rivers in the United States 

Nushagak River:The Nushagak River. This wild stretch of water flows from Lake Aleknagik into Bristol Bay near Dillingham, Alaska. 

Deschutes River:Oregon’s Deschutes River has headwaters that begin near Bend, OR then quickly turn southward towards Klamath Falls. 

 Henry’s Fork River:Henry’s Fork River is a river located in eastern Idaho in the United States. It is a tributary of the Snake River and is known for its world-class fly fishing. 

Eagle River:Eagle River flows down from Rocky Mountain National Park all throughout Summit County before joining forces with Gore Creek near Vail Pass and eventually ending up at Lake Dillon Reservoir.

Snake River:This river has an average temperature ranging from 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit (4-10 Celsius) all year round making it one of the coldest major US rivers.

 Salmon River: This gives anglers plenty of opportunity to test their luck against these native fish species even when conditions outside might be less than desirable otherwise.

Arkansas River:The Arkansas River runs for 1,469 miles across six states including Oklahoma and Kansas before finally reaching Louisiana where it empties out at Atchafalaya Bay near New Orleans bayou country.

Hudson River:The Hudson River has an average temperature range from 32-64 degrees Fahrenheit depending on seasonality and location within its watershed area.

The Rio Grande:This river forms part of America’s southern border with Mexico while also running through Texas’ Big Bend area as well as parts of Arizona & New Mexico too.

Colorado River:This river runs through seven states including Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and New Mexico. It is known for its icy temperatures during winter months due to snowmelt from high elevations along its course.

Big Hole River:MT. During winter months, this glacier-fed tributary dips down well below zero creating a frozen wonderland perfect for those seeking adventure! 

Chena River: The Chena River. This river runs through Fairbanks, Alaska, and has been known to reach temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit during winter months!

Yellowstone River:This river is known for its frigid temperatures due to its high elevation and fast-flowing water. It can reach up to 35 degrees Fahrenheit during winter months. 

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