Top 15 Authentic Non-Vegetarian Dishes Of India

Tunday Kebab: Originated in the ‘Nawabo Ka Sheher’ Lucknow way back in the 17th Century.

Rogan Josh: This originally Persian dish is a part of the Mughlai cuisine of Kashmir.

Butter Chicken: One of India’s most iconic dishes, butter chicken is a beautiful masterstroke of luck.

Murg Mussalam: The gem of Awadhi cuisine, which the whole world has been blessed with, is murg mussalam.

Nalli Nihari: Nalli nihari provided warmth during the winter mornings in the old days of the Nawabs.

Pork Vindaloo: Finding its roots in Portugal, the dish ‘Carne de vinha d’alhos’ travelled miles to Goa in the 15th Century.

Laal Maas: Created by Mewari chefs in the 10th Century, laal maas truly suits the palate of a true warrior.

Chicken Chettinad: The dish gets its name from the Chettiars, who were traders of salts and spices.

Kankada Jhol (Crab Curry: Traditional crab curry is famous in the coastal region of Odisha.

Salli Boti: The quintessential love affair of potatoes (salli means shoestrings) and chunks of meat.

Paya: Despite regional variations, this celebrated broth’s traditional and essential ingredients are the leg.

Hanhor Mangxo Komora: It is an Assamese duck delicacy served on special occasions such as Bihu.

Meen Moilee: Kerala has given the nation innumerable fantastic seafood recipes, primarily fish related.

Tabak Maaz: It is a traditional meat product in the exquisite culinary experience of Kashmiri cuisine known.

Iromba: Northeastern people know how to create mouthwatering healthy dishes with their seafood.

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