Top 15 Beloved TV relationships that you didn’t realize are toxic

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Jim and Pam, 'The Office: Jim and Pam are iconic, but Jim kisses Pam after she turns.

Piper and Alex, 'Orange Is the New Black: First of all, your romantic partner should not be the reason you go to jail. 

Tony and Carmela 'The Sopranos: Tony cheated on Carmela without blinking an eye, and Carmela appeared.

Daenerys and Jon Snow: 'Game of Thrones'Everyone was rooting for this power couple, and fans lost.

Leonard and Penny: 'The Big Bang Theory' - Jealousy and communication issues only add to the fact that the two have virtually nothing in common.

Carrie and Mr. Big, 'Sex and the City: Big refuses to commit, the two cheat on their partners with each other.

Walter White and Skyler, 'Breaking Bad: You should never guilt your wife into compromising her moral integrity.

Betty and Don Draper, 'Mad Men: From a distance, they looked perfect, but the two had so many issues separately.

Cristina and Burke, 'Grey's Anatomy: They were never happy just being with each other, as Burke was trying.

Chuck and Blair, 'Gossip Girl: The two seem perfect with their fiery chemistry and love of manipulation, but they consistently.

Cookie and Lucious, 'Empire: This on-and-off relationship is filled with horrific moments, like when Cookie tried to smother.

Sam and Diane, 'Cheers: A defining example of toxic TV relationships, this pair broke up and got back together countless times.

Ted and Robin, 'How I Met Your Mother: Though the whole show is centered around these two, they were essentially each.

Barney and Robin, 'How I Met Your Mother: Plot twist! This relationship wasn't as great as it seemed either.

Ross and Rachel Friends: Friends' showed us plenty of healthy relationships, but this was not one of them.

Luke and Lorelai, 'Gilmore Girls: Witty banter is lovable, but it does not make a healthy relationship alone.

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