Top 15 Black Mirror' frightening facts and trivia

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Mirror, mirror: The title 'Black Mirror' is inspired by technology. 

What's it all about: Though the show critiques technology, Charlie Brooker clarified that the intention is broader. 

A-List admirer: The episode 'Entire History of You' received rave reviews and drew the eyes.

Pitt's pitch: Downey Jr. isn't the only A-Lister with interests in the series.

Allied forces: Between the second and third series, the production switched over from British company Zeppotron to Netflix.

More than pen pals: Charlie Brooker co-wrote the episode 'Fifteen Million Merits' with his wife, Konnie Huq. 

Oi, oi: In older episodes, a character said the word "oi" in every episode.

What in the world: There are many references and hints that connect episodes.

I've heard that before: There is a recurring song that appears in all seasons so far.

Recurring font: All computers and devices in 'Black Mirror' use the same font: Proxima Nova.

Casting a spell: Black Mirror' also has casting similarities with the 'Harry Potter' film series. 

All too familiar: In 'Be Right Back,' a widow creates a robot husband by uploading his information to a website.

Downton lovers: In the episode 'National Anthem,' the ITV drama 'Downton Abbey' is mentioned in conversation. Actors starring in 'Black Mirror.

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Memory wars: During the episode 'Entire History of You,' characters discuss memories at a dinner party.

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Role reversal: Actor Domnhall Gleeson plays a human attracted to a robot in the film 'Ex Machina.

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