Top 15 Candies That Will Take You Back To Your Childhood

Phantom Cigarettes: These were the way to go if we wanted to look like a gangster.

Cadbury Bytes: They were an absolute fan favorite and caused much heartbreak when they were discontinued.

Poppins: If ‘Doon kya?’ wasn’t your favorite catchphrase while you popped these colorful candies.

Nutties: Nutties was a comparatively expensive candy, but its packaging was so aesthetic and pretty.

Parle Kismi: At 25 paise, and with the yum flavor of elaichi and coconut.

Fatafat: Fatafat walked so Hajmola could run.

Melody: ‘Yeh Melody itni chocolatey kyu hain?’ we don’t know the answer to this yet.

Coffy Bite: I think it’s an unspoken fact that all our caffeine addiction comes from bingeing on these coffee.

Golden Coins: The first time our parents or siblings told us that the golden cover of these coins came.

Magic Pops : These were so overrated, yet underrated at the same time.

Unnamed Orange Candy: These were the candies that we got after finishing our homework.

Mango Bite: Mango Bite and Kaccha Mango Bite were the candies that you shared with your friends during.

Eclairs: Eclairs are still available, but they just don’t have the same appeal as they did earlier.

Boomer: Everyone has chewed on these and competed in a ‘Who’s going to blow a bigger bubble.

Rola-a-Cola: Rola-a-Cola was the substitute for actual fizzy drinks that we weren’t allowed to drink as kids. 

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