Top 15 Facts About The Alcohol Industry

You can make alcohol of anything that ferments: Alcohol’s making process is not very complex as during fermentation sugar.

Drinking alcohol in moderation can benefit your health: Alcohol does not just have all the bad effects but consuming it in moderation can actually benefit.

Anheuser-Busch Inbev is the biggest alcohol producer in the world: This company is one of the biggest, fastest consumers of good corporations worldwide.

Marketing of alcohol is not yet regulated in the USA: The USA is the largest consumer of alcohol as compared to any other country.

Millennials have a troubled relationship with alcohol: According to the studies, the heaviest drinkers are aged from 18-29 and it continues to the age of 50.

Alcohol dehydrates your body and increases fat: Alcohol however has so many side effects and it harms our bodies in many ways.

Europe has the most drinkers in the world: Alcohol has a strong relationship with the culture of a place and Europe specifically has a lot.

Coffee might help reverse the liver damage caused by alcohol: Consumption of too much alcohol can badly harm your liver.

Alcohol addiction for men and women is the same: Alcohol is one of the most addicting things and millions and millions are addicted to it in the world.

Non-alcoholic beer market will be worth $25 billion by 2024: The alcohol market will increase in the coming years.

Almost 50% of Asians have trouble metabolizing alcohol due to a missing liver enzyme: Asians have a 50% chance of having an Asian glow when out partying with their friends or family.

Pregnant women will be tested for alcohol consumption in Ireland: Ireland is a country that takes good care of the health of their citizens and it doesn’t.

Most addictive and easy drug: Alcohol is very readily available and it is also one of the main reasons for it being a very easily.

Alcohol consumption kills many people worldwide: Countries like Finland and Sweden have prohibited the sale of strong alcohol in the market.

Chandler from the famous sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S was often drunk on the set: This sitcom is loved by almost everyone and Chandler the sarcasm king is the favourite character.

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