Top 15 frogs in texas

American Bullfrog: The largest frog species in America, the American bullfrog has a white venter and dark green skin. Bullfrogs can be found in lakes, ponds, marshes, and other permanent water bodies. 

Blanchard’s Cricket Frog :The extreme eastern regions of Texas are where you can find the Blanchard’s cricket frog. It can be found in or close to lakes, ponds, bogs, marshes, slow-moving rivers.

Spring Peeper:The spring peeper is a tree frog inhabiting Texas, the United States’ woodlands, and suburban regions. Spring peepers are generally seen on the forest floor amongst leaves. 

Rio Grande Chirping Frog:The Rio Grande Chirping Frog also has the unusual ability to flee from predators by running rather than leaping. 

White Lipped Frog:this frog is not widespread there and may be one of the least visible in Texas. It is a brown frog with noticeable white stripes along the upper mouth and black and tan markings.

Cajun Chorus Frog: The Cajun chorus frog, which is light brown with three dark brown stripes or spots across its back, is widespread throughout southern America.

Green Frog:They are renowned for their striking green hue. However, some green frogs have noticeable bronze coloring and light to dark brown tones.

Sheep Frog:The name “sheep frog” refers to the low, sheep-like sound these frogs make. They dwell in humid environments and tropical forests. 

Crawfish Frog:The crawfish frog has dark brown or black circular patterns on its pale green to light gray body. They have a small snout and can grow to be huge, measuring 3 inches long.

Cliff Chirping Frog:The cliff chirping frog is a smaller type with a flat skull and wider space between its eyes than other frog species.

Greenhouse Frog:The Texas Cooperative Wildlife Collection’s voucher specimen from 1999 provided the first evidence of the greenhouse frog in southeast Texas. 

Rio Grande Leopard Frog:the Rio Grande Leopard Frog, an aquatic frog that inhabits permanent bodies of water and is widespread throughout the state’s central, western, and southern regions. 

Balcones Barking Frog: It has a wide head, short hind legs, and a toad-like appearance. A male Balcones barking frog’s mating call can sound like a dog from a distance.

Pig Frog:The pig frog, also known as the lagoon frog or southern bullfrog, is an extremely aquatic frog that may be found all over the southern United States, from Texas to South Carolina. 

Pickerel Frog:The pickerel frog is poisonous and the only known poisonous frog to live in Texas. It exudes substances from its skin that are harmful to predators but uncomfortable for people. 

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