Top 15 Oxymorons That Will Make You Think

Pretty Ugly: Decide whether it is pretty or ugly rather than confusing the person with ‘pretty ugly’.

Civil War: The fans of The Avengers franchise will never forget the classic and jaw-breaking fight between the favourites.

Bittersweet: A ‘bittersweet’ love is an example of an oxymoron, which expresses love as painful and good.

Random Choice: How can a decision be random if you are ‘choosing’ a particular solution.

Walking Dead: he Walking Dead is a hit TV series and has attracted fans from around the world.

Open Secret: Secrets are not supposed to be said, they need to be concealed.

Working Vacation: Vacations are for decluttering your mind and for relaxation.

Act Naturally: When a film star says his acting is natural, it is difficult to digest what he said.

Butt-Head: The individual words are the two extremes of the human body.

Dark Light: How could it be so easy for a word to exist differently yet the same at once.

Free Trade: Trading involves spending money or a barter system.

Detailed Summary: When students are asked to write a summary of a text, they write an overview of the text.

Non-alcoholic Beer: As hilarious as it sounds, non-alcoholic beer contains less percentage of alcohol in it.

Tragicomedy: This word combines tragedy and comedy.

Doing Nothing: When a friend asks “what are you doing?”, and you reply “doing nothing.

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