Top 15 Resolutions We Make But Fail to Keep

The fitness goal: Being fit is the mantra of our generation and it is a positive step for our own lives but it is easier.

The promise to drop a bad habit: Pressure of work or personal lives often drive us into the hands of bad habits.

The promise to eat healthy: Food is more than just survival for us. Most of us are tempted by the latest food craze in town.

The promise to score well: We are competitive by nature and part of the rat race, where staying ahead of the crowd means all.

The promise to save money: Whether we like it or not, we live in a world where money is the only currency to live.

The promise to get organized: A disorganized room represents a disorganized life. How many times we find ourselves in a hurry.

The promise to travel more: Civilization started from nomads and as such, that yearn to travel, explore new places.

The race to success: We often the worth of a person with the degree of success they have had in their lives.

Giving more time to family/friends: Our fast-paced modern lives often make us choose between devoting time to our family.

The new and better job: Being content at where we are is something rare in today’s world.

The improved mental health: Modern life is full of stress, anxiety and depression – at some point or the other.

The promise for Me-time: When was the last time you were able to devote some time to yourself, be it simply for relaxing.

To volunteer more/ help others: Not everyone is fortunate enough to enjoy the blessing of the world that we live in.

Working towards Goals/Dreams: Survival is not enough for a living, dreaming is what makes all the effort worthwhile.

The promise a good family time: the good family time is the best time the joint family.

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